Over 20 Years' Experience In Lift Manufacturing

About Us

About Us

Commercial Elevators, Passenger Compliant Elevators & VPL's

Veranda ‘Vator is committed to improving your safety and quality of life with our innovative cargo lifts, passenger elevators and VPL’s. Past years have shown us volatile hurricane seasons and record storm surges. As a result, homes in coastal communities are being built higher above sea level than ever before. With the advent of taller houses, we were inspired to develop an alternative to lugging heavy and bulky items up and down the stairs.

Our more than 20 years’ experience in lift manufacturing has enabled us to design the finest cargo lifts, passenger elevators and VPL’s on the market. Here’s how:

Ease of Use: Our lifts, elevators and VPL’s are designed with user-friendly interfaces, ensuring that they are easy to operate by people of all ages. Our ‘one-button’ operation feature and clear instruction panels take the hassle out of navigating between floors.

Stability: Veranda ‘Vator products are engineered for supreme stability. No matter the weight of your cargo, our lifts offer a smooth, non-jolting ride that prioritizes your comfort and your cargo’s security.

Speed: We value your time. Our elevators, lifts and VPL’s are designed to move at optimal speeds, reducing your waiting time and getting you or your cargo to your destination quickly and efficiently.

Safety: Your safety is our number one priority. Our lifts, elevators and VPL’s are equipped with advanced safety features, including emergency stop buttons, secure enclosures, and automatic braking systems. They are designed to exceed industry safety standards.

Cost: We offer our top-quality lifts, elevators and VPL’s at competitive prices. Our cost-effective solutions are designed to be a worthy long-term investment for your property, improving your quality of life and boosting your property’s value.

Aesthetics: Our elevators, lifts and VPL’s are not just functional – they are also stylish. Available in a range of designs and finishes, they can be customized to blend seamlessly with the aesthetics of your home or office.

Don’t think the Veranda ‘vator is just for stilt homes or beach houses, though. Veranda ‘vator can be mounted to any home or office. Our cargo lift is great for everyday cargo such as trash and groceries at home or supplies and inventory at work. The robust capacity also enables you to transport appliances, furniture, luggage…you name it. Just load up the 4’x4’ platform, press the button, and watch the Veranda ‘vator do the work for you. Our passenger elevator is great for effortlessly transporting you between the floors of your home or office. Our Vertical Platform Lifts enable wheelchair users and individuals with mobility challenges to easily ascend or descend between different floor levels safely and conveniently.

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