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Tips for Making Sure the Beach House Cargo Lift You Purchase is the Right One

  1. Buy from an established manufacturer and know their history. Metal shop reality TV has made welding a popular hobby in recent years. All too often hobbyist welders see a metal product they can duplicate and figure they can get into the manufacturing biz. This is bad for consumers because these garage mini-factories rarely last, and rarely have adequate quality control in place.


  1. Ask to see engineering drawings with a raised seal from a reputable third party structural engineer, and know what they are certifying. As a cargo lift buyer, you should be concerned about whether the lift you are buying meets the specifications as advertised. Any reputable manufacturer will have already had an engineer who is separate from their firm review their design and place their raised seal on the plans. One reason for this is to validate the capacity of the lift the manufacturer is advertising it is capable of. Another reason is to confirm it will meet windstorm criteria. Both of these points must be in writing on the stamped drawings for you to know you are getting what you are paying for. If you are buying a lift advertised as 1000lb capacity and it doesn’t say that on the plans, you can bet the manufacturer had some less critical aspect of the lift evaluated in an attempt to trick unwitting clients. I will stress again that engineers specialize in different things. This is a structural engineer application. Be wary of plans stamped by civil engineers, electrical engineers, , and also by in house engineers who are employed by the manufacturer.


  1. Get a copy of the manufacturer’s insurance certificate. Homeowners often ask the contractors doing the installation for proof of insurance, but the lift manufacturers proof of insurance is often ignored.


  1. Verify your lift is made by whom the contractor says it is. Knocking off a product and then “passing off” as a name brand is common and illegal. Ask you lift manufacturer for ways to identify whether your lift is genuine.


  1. Speak directly to the lift manufacturer when making your choice. Installation contractors are often more concerned with making the right choice for themselves, not you. Most of the time, an installer will put in the lift of your choice regardless of whether they have a bias towards one or the other if you find a lift manufacturer you like ask them to recommend an installer in your area.

Improve the Efficiency of Your Business with a Material Elevator

veranda ‘vator material elevatorIf you own a business with multiple floors but no elevator, then you know the struggle of trying to get inventory up and down the stairs efficiently. It is not the safest way to transport goods, and it takes precious time out of your day. When you install a Veranda ‘Vator material elevator for your business, you can enjoy many benefits.

Increased Efficiency

The Veranda ‘Vator cargo lift has a 1,000lb capacity and a fast lift and fall cycle, enabling you to transport heavy or numerous items quickly. Eliminating the need to carry things up the stairs also put a fair amount of time back into your day so you can focus on other aspects of your business. Our product is also easy to use, so you shouldn’t have to spend that much time training employees to use the lift.

Safe and Stable Design

The Veranda ‘Vator features marine-grade construction so that it can be used efficiently both outdoors and indoors. It also features an optional safety gate, dual cables, and an optional pressure switch for increased safety. The convenience of our cargo lift also means you will never have to risk injury carrying items up and down the stairs ever again.

Cost Effective Price Point

All businesses need to protect their bottom line, so it’s helpful to know that Veranda Vator’ comes at a cost-effective price point compared to other materials lifts.

Contact Upanddown Industries today to purchase a material lift for your business.

Choose Our Cargo Lift for Your Home or Business

cargo liftIf you often find yourself carrying heavy objects up and down stairs, or are stuck making multiple trips to the stairs to move items, you will benefit immensely from having a cargo lift installed in your home or office.

Save Time

Going up and down the stairs with cargo is time-consuming, which is especially inconvenient if you run a business. Adding a cargo lift to your property can increase your efficiency significantly, allowing you to spend more time on other important tasks. The convenience of owning a cargo lift for your home or business will greatly improve your life.

Added Safety

Carrying heavy or bulky things up and down the stairs is risky. Prevent falls by installing a cargo lift and cutting out the need for stairs completely. Instead of risking injury to yourself or an employee, a cargo elevator allows you to get heavy, bulky things to the upper level with minimal effort. Veranda ‘Vator utilizes dual cables, a safety gate, and optional pressure switch to increase the safety of our lifts.

Cost-Effective and Easy to Use

Compared to other material elevators, the Veranda ‘Vator is cost-effective and easy to use. When you need a cargo lift for your home or business, contact our team.

The Benefits of Installing a Cargo Lift for your Beach House

Upandown Industries knows the struggles that come with owning a beach house. These homes are built very high above sea level to prevent damage to your home during storms, but as a result, you now have many stairs to climb. Navigating these stairs with bulky or heavy items can be extremely difficult, so we created our beach house cargo lifts to solve this issue. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy when you install a Veranda ‘Vator in your home.

Improve Safety

Carrying things up and down the stairs can be dangerous. If the item is particularly bulky, it can block your line of sight and cause you to miss a step and fall. Heavy items can cause damage to your back and increase your risk of falls as well. With a cargo lift from our company, you eliminate the risk of carrying items up and down your stairs. Don’t injure yourself trying to get items in and out of your home – get a cargo lift instead.

Increase Efficiency

There is only so much that one person can carry, meaning you may have to make multiple trips to get your items in and out of your home. With a cargo lift, you can get the job done in one trip – and you don’t even have to do the heavy lifting on your own. Our cargo lifts can carry up to 1,000lbs so that you can transport your items more efficiently.


Owning a cargo lift will make life at your beach house so much more convenient. Don’t waste time making multiple trips in and out of your home, just load up your cargo lift and you’re set. Call Upandown Industries today at (239) 994-1630 to find out how you can get your own beach house cargo lift.

Welcome to the Upandown Industries Blog

Upandown Industries, LogoWith over 20 years’ experience in lift manufacturing, Upandown Industries is making it easier than ever for homeowners to transport cargo in and out of their homes. Our cargo lifts provide an innovative alternative to lugging heavy or bulky items and up and down the stairs. If you live in a coastal community, you fully understand the struggle of navigating a lot of stairs with heavy objects – it is inconvenient and dangerous.

In this blog, we will discuss a variety of topics related to our innovative product that we feel our customers will find informative and engaging. We will discuss our cargo lifts more in-depth, their benefits, and other adjacent topics that we think are relevant. If you live on the coast, have a stilt house, or are merely interested in how our product can benefit you and your family, you should subscribe. We will be publishing new content on a regular basis, so you should subscribe.

The marine-grade cargo lifts from Upandown Industries can change your life. Carrying heavy and bulky items up and down the stairs is not only difficult but can be downright dangerous. Let us help you improve the safety and efficiency of your household when you contact our team today.