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The Benefits of Installing a Cargo Lift for your Beach House

Upandown Industries knows the struggles that come with owning a beach house. These homes are built very high above sea level to prevent damage to your home during storms, but as a result, you now have many stairs to climb. Navigating these stairs with bulky or heavy items can be extremely difficult, so we created our beach house cargo lifts to solve this issue. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy when you install a Veranda ‘Vator in your home.

Improve Safety

Carrying things up and down the stairs can be dangerous. If the item is particularly bulky, it can block your line of sight and cause you to miss a step and fall. Heavy items can cause damage to your back and increase your risk of falls as well. With a cargo lift from our company, you eliminate the risk of carrying items up and down your stairs. Don’t injure yourself trying to get items in and out of your home – get a cargo lift instead.

Increase Efficiency

There is only so much that one person can carry, meaning you may have to make multiple trips to get your items in and out of your home. With a cargo lift, you can get the job done in one trip – and you don’t even have to do the heavy lifting on your own. Our cargo lifts can carry up to 1,000lbs so that you can transport your items more efficiently.


Owning a cargo lift will make life at your beach house so much more convenient. Don’t waste time making multiple trips in and out of your home, just load up your cargo lift and you’re set. Call Upandown Industries today at (239) 994-1630 to find out how you can get your own beach house cargo lift.