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GEM 3-Button Transmitter

The Gem Remotes 3-Button Transmitter is a reliable and versatile remote control designed for use with Gem Remote systems. This water-resistant transmitter offers enhanced convenience and functionality for operating Cargo Lifts and Elevators. With its radio frequency operation, extended range, and compact design, the 3-Button Transmitter provides seamless and efficient control of boat lift functions.


Key Features:

  1. Water-Resistant and Floats: The 3-Button Transmitter is designed to withstand exposure to water and adverse weather conditions. Its water-resistant construction ensures durability, and its floating capability allows for easy retrieval if accidentally dropped into the water.
  2. Radio Frequency Operation: Unlike traditional line-of-sight remotes, this transmitter operates on a radio frequency. This enables reliable communication between the transmitter and the boat lift control system, even without direct line of sight.
  3. Extended Operating Range: The 3-Button Transmitter offers an impressive operating range of up to 300 feet from the control box. This extended range provides flexibility and freedom to operate the boat lift from a considerable distance.
  4. Compact and Portable: With dimensions of 2.8″ x 1.8″, the 3-Button Transmitter is compact and portable. Its small size makes it easy to carry and handle, ensuring convenience during operation.
  5. Long-Lasting Power: The transmitter includes two 3V batteries (CR2032), offering long-lasting power for extended use. The batteries are easily replaceable, ensuring continuous functionality of the transmitter.

Compatibility and Specifications:

  • Operating Timeframe: The 3-Button Transmitter is designed for Gem Remote systems from March 2007 onwards. It is not compatible with units manufactured before this timeframe.
  • Frequency: The transmitter operates on a frequency of 372, ensuring reliable communication with the cargo lift or elevator system.
  • Programmable: The 3-Button Transmitter is programmable, allowing for customization and configuration based on user preferences.
  • Transmitters Per Remote: The remote control system supports up to 16 transmitters per remote, allowing multiple users to operate the cargo lift or elevator conveniently.
  • Manufacturer: The Gem Remotes 3-Button Transmitter is manufactured by Gem Remotes, a reputable company known for producing high-quality remote control solutions for boat lifts.

With its water-resistant and floating design, radio frequency operation, extended range, and compatibility with Gem Remote systems, the 3-Button Transmitter offers owners a reliable and convenient solution for controlling their cargo lifts or elevators. Whether for personal or commercial use, this transmitter provides seamless operation and enhances the overall boating experience.