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Posts made in February 2019

Improve the Efficiency of Your Business with a Material Elevator

veranda ‘vator material elevatorIf you own a business with multiple floors but no elevator, then you know the struggle of trying to get inventory up and down the stairs efficiently. It is not the safest way to transport goods, and it takes precious time out of your day. When you install a Veranda ‘Vator material elevator for your business, you can enjoy many benefits.

Increased Efficiency

The Veranda ‘Vator cargo lift has a 1,000lb capacity and a fast lift and fall cycle, enabling you to transport heavy or numerous items quickly. Eliminating the need to carry things up the stairs also put a fair amount of time back into your day so you can focus on other aspects of your business. Our product is also easy to use, so you shouldn’t have to spend that much time training employees to use the lift.

Safe and Stable Design

The Veranda ‘Vator features marine-grade construction so that it can be used efficiently both outdoors and indoors. It also features an optional safety gate, dual cables, and an optional pressure switch for increased safety. The convenience of our cargo lift also means you will never have to risk injury carrying items up and down the stairs ever again.

Cost Effective Price Point

All businesses need to protect their bottom line, so it’s helpful to know that Veranda Vator’ comes at a cost-effective price point compared to other materials lifts.

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